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  • I think the person who wrote this quiz will have the future job of retard.

    Also, check out my you tube channel:
    [no urls]

    Kingstarry Aug 15 '18, 2:21PM
  • Thank you, I'm sorry about the bad spelling, hahaha

    AssassinLady_009 Mar 7 '18, 4:41AM
  • I got Doctor which is correct I wanna be a doctor when I'm older

    beetle45 Mar 2 '18, 12:36PM
  • Your Result: Novelist

    You are fall in love with books, your imagination is so high... you love to writing and making stories! You spend your time with making a good story, fantastic story...

    WOO HOO!

    BonJovi17 Jan 8 '18, 10:29AM
  • Great quiz (you guessed accurately)

    CherryOnTheTop Jan 3 '18, 11:38AM
  • This is a great quiz, even though it doesn’t have great spelling...

    Silverspring324 Jan 3 '18, 1:35AM

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