Your falling for who?Part 1

Hi! Welcome to Ailey's first RPG. This is part one so don't worry, there will be more than this. My goal is to get to at least part 5 by febuary. So stick aroud for part 2+!!!!

So, who's falling for you, and your falling for who? Find out when you take part one of your quiz. Tell me at the end who you got. Good-bye! Your quiz maker, Ailey

Created by: Ailey

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  1. You are in math class when you are asked to answer a question. In the middle of you saying your answer, the intercom blazes "_____, will you please come to the principal's office." The teacher tells you to go. You walk down the hall quickly. You spot the water fountain quickly. You:
  2. (Supposing you chose the 2nd)You stop for some water and go. Now you are refreshed. But is seems like you got some water on your shirt and 4 towels appear.One says 'M' and the others say 'K' 'D' and 'R' you choose:
  3. You choose ___. You don't know where to put it so you keep it. You arrive in the principal's office and you see your principal in a puddle of BLOOD. He's on the ground and you notice a sheet of paper on him. It says: Turn around. You do so. There is a strange man in black at the door. He raises his gun and points it at you.
  4. (Supposing you chose the 4th)"I came to kill you." he answers. You stand there waiting for the kill. A spilt second before the man shoots, you raise the towel you have and hold it in front of your face and heart. He shoots and the towel just reflects the bullet and goes at the same speed toward the man. You hear a 'Umph' sound and the man is hit. You run out of the office and a short haired blonde teenager catches you in his arms as you fall quickly while running.
  5. You both stand up and you dust your self off. He looks at you and he says "Hi, I'm Kyle and your _____." "Yeah" you say. he grabs your arm and you are forced to run. You burst out the doors as you see the man that tried to kill you come out of the office. You scream. "Just keep running!!!" Kyle says.
  6. You and Kyle reach to a (Silver ;D) Volvo with the attempting-to-kill-you guy is close behind. You scream and you are forced into the backseat of the car by Kyle. There are 3 other guys in the car. As Kyle tells the driver, "HE'S HERE!!! DRIVE!!!" you scan the car and your eyes quicky meet with every one exept the one sitting on your right. He's looking out the window like it wasn't his idea. You:
  7. You tap on his shoulder and he looks up at you and says, "What." Your sincere eyes and dusgusted look trigger him. He appologizes and asks you more nicely. You ask him, "Who's that man that wants to kill me?" He replies, "He is possessed but a killing spirit."
  8. You leave him alone and he returns to the same position he was in before you talked to him.You lean forward and turn to Kyle. "Who are these guys?" "They are my friends. Well, we found each other and became friends. Who do you want to get to know better first?"
  9. You say, "Everyone." He starts off. The driver is Dave. The seat beside you is Monroe. And the guy next to you is Ryan. And then there's me in the passenger's seat. It was my idea to get you. I knew you were in trouble. Dave was playing a video game when I told him you were in trouble. He told me we can go later.
  10. "I shoved him in the driver's seat. Then I got Ryan to come and Monroe was saw us getting in the car so he got in the back." He goes on. "But our timing made us a little late so when I walked through the doors I heard a gunfire. I was sure enough you were dead. So I ran toward the office and you ran out and-" You cut him off, "I know, I know, I ran, slipped, and fell on top of you." He smiles, "Right." And the conversation ends there.
  11. You lean forward and turn to Dave."Your Dave." "Yep"" You lean back and turn to Monroe. "And your Monroe." Yeah, I am, glad to meet you." Then you turn to Ryan. "So you must be Ryan." He nods and doesn't say a word. You can just feel everyone smile in the car because of you. But who's smile catches your attention?
  12. "I just have one question, where are we going?" Silence finishes the car.
  13. That's all for part one!!!! Hope you liked it, be around eah day to check for part 2+!!!!! Who do YOU want to see more of?
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Quiz topic: My falling for who?Part 1