Your Epic Fantasy Adventure

You are a noble of a high class city, but you always had a feeling you were something special..something different, and this is the day of a ceremony for you until you meet these strange companions of power veering you off into this epic adventure of friendship, love, tragedy and even betrayel. What is your power? Why are you important? Find out in this quiz of the beggining...

You live in the kingdom of Ferelda as a nobles daughter or son (you can be a boy or girl and have an opportunity for romance), this will be the beggining of your quest in the escape fromt he castle to uncover your powers and special gift that your companions say.

Created by: Pyth
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  1. You wake up from the light pouring through your castle window. You feel like you barely got any sleep you dont remember what you did yesterday night. You look around your room admiring the colors of _____. You then get to your closet to wear the clothes your father, the king set up for you. It seemed formal for just a regular day, but then again you always got expensive clothes. You get dressed and lazily leave your room...
  2. After you leave the room you almost crash into a maid. You recognize her as the one who took care of you after your mother passed away "(your name), what are you doing at this time of day? The ceremony is today, you are going to be king/queen after all." She starts to brush your hair down turning back to her nicer self. "I remember when you were just a child, always had such an imagination of the outside world. You say "Well thats because you never let me leave the castle." you say resentfully. She frowns an almost makes a dark expression. "The outside world is a dangerous place, full of beasts, tricky mythical creatures of legend, and people with dangerous powers. You are much safer here." Whats your expression?
  3. You always remembered the castle as a beautifull place but it got boring after a while, you go to the castle garden at the last room down the hall near the back of the castle. It overlooked the whole kingdom. Roads filled with markets, blacksmiths, art places and people. You then hear normal calm-toned guys voice behind you catching you off guard "About time I got to meet you." You turn to find the guy who said it standing a foot away from you. How do you respond?
  4. You turn around and he looks to be about your age. His skin is a slightly tan, his figure is slim and slight, he has almost glowing green eyes under his matted down, autumn brown hair . He laughs at your surprise in a friendly way and sais "Sorry about that, the name is Renaro and it seems you'll need a guide soon. That'll be me so we may as well get to know eachother." you look at him resentfully and say
  5. "how interesting" he sais eyeing you with interest. "well i guess you want to know why im here. You see, the king isnt your father, he took you in to compete in death tournaments for money. Why you? Well lets say your a special kid "____", you have gifts to uncover which will lead you to your past. I know this because I've been sent here to take you to Karan he will explain everything about us the Genisars and Genisaras. Come, do you trust me on this?" He reaches out his hand for you to take with an encouraging smile.
  6. Before you can make your decision one of the the dukes, your "uncle" walks in front of the entrance and yells "Renardo?!" Renardo turns around shocked and in a ray of light he disappears. You feel him go behind you and he whispers "meet me here tonight, Jake(the dukes name) will understand." then he leaves like the wind blew him away. The duke stares out there and sighs. He motions for you to come into the castle. You say " Who is he? What are these death tournaments about? How do you two know eachother?" You ask these questions off of the hundreds in your mind. He looks at you sadly just saying " i knew the king would do this to you no matter how much i ask him not to." how are you dealing with this right now?
  7. You wait for your uncle to answer your questions first. Renardo did tell you to trust him right? Duke Jake sais "That boy was the one i gave to the monks when he was a child. One of the Genisars/Genisaras has to be raised good. They are a special group of people with gifts, his is bending the light, you will meet many others where they are taking you. The king knew that and only wanted you to fight to the death in those horrible tournaments against the other kingdoms of elves, dwarves, laykins(half beast people), and lineids(explained later). Now, before the ceremony, pack your things and come back here to leave on your quest, i'll stall the guards.
  8. Night falls and you got everything you needed. You run down the stairs to get to the garden sneaking past the guards easier then expected and go to the garden. You find Renardo in a white tunic and brown trousers. Next to your surprise a girl is standing next to him. She gives you a look of disgust like your a ten year old taco. She has pale white skin and is wearing a black and red robe making her look gothic-like. She has pure white hair and unique violet eyes. "He/she looks spoiled, why do we need him/her?" Renardo sais "___", is one of us, we have to take "___". The girl gives you a hard look as if digging in your mind and sais "very well then, so-" you hear the guards yell out your name and you turn to find them blocking the entrance. What is your impression of this girl?
  9. You:"Crap im going to get in so much trouble!" Renardo: "well i cant use my light magic without the sun up, you got an idea Rose?" Rose: "i got more then an idea" she smiles grimly making a ball of fire in her hands, and before Renardo could tell her to stop she makes a wall of fire near the entrance emblazing the garden. She looks at renardo Rose sarcastically:"atleast i didnt kill anyone, you thought i would? im offended" . Your still worried as if the fire represented your panic. You:"What do we do now, we cant escape without an entrance." . Rose looks at you like a hungry cat and pushes you off of the garden hill. As you roll down yelling out a sound each time you hit the ground you notice Renardo and Rose sliding down after you. Before you hit the ground you suddenly stop right there for a second before falling. You look up at rose gliding down softly holding Renardo by the legs then dropping him. Renardo:" didnt want to help us levitate earlier?". Rose:"What i cant have my fun every now and then?" she then turns to you. "Well then "____", i guess your in our little group of friends, you know Keran only chooses the deadliest of Genisars and Genisaras, so i guess you must have had somethign special, we'll see." How do you respond?
  10. Renardo slides beside you and says "sorry about her, im sure you'll get used to it." he gives you a friendly smile as Rose lands gracefully on the floor and starts walking off through the city. You hear the alarms being raised but you get up with Renardo at your side to face the challenges ahead of you all. This being the beggining of your adventure into the depths of the fantasy world...for now. So who do you like so far?
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