Your'e Fantasy part 1

Ok first off, I know I misspelled "You're". I'll fix it in due yeah. Since you clicked on this quiz please take it. I am starting to do these love stories and I'm a beginner at it.

Ok...I do not like writing paragraphs at all. Um, I do not know what to write for this one...Well ________ means your name, just to let you know ok??

Created by: sweeneytoddlova

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  1. (This is a flash back) You and your father were at a circus. You are 5 years old and you look around the huge circus tent. In the background you see a shirt less man with a tattoo that goes from his waist up to his neck. His hair was dark black and he looked 16 years old. He was being pulled by chains on his hands.
  2. While your father was being distracted by the tight rope act to decide to mindlessly walk away to the guy in chains. You are getting closer and closer, not paying attention to the people telling you to go back. The guy sees for a split second before your arm is grabbed and pulling you away. It was your father. "Don't run off like that again!" He said. "I'm sorry, daddy." You apologized.
  3. *time skip* Now you are sixteen years old and it is your first day of school after a very long and relaxing summer. You knew that your best friend Darien wasn't going to be here on the first day so you decided to just go off to class. On the way you trip and people laughed at you. How you longed for Darien to be there to back you up.
  4. When you entered the class room you looked at the chalk board that had your seating arrangement. You were to sit with some guy named Sebastian. He wasn't here yet so you just sat along for a while. While you waited for class to start you took out your note book and started to draw a not-so-good drawing of a rose.
  5. "Ok students!" Your teacher yelled "Class is going to begin!" You slipped your note book into your backpack and took out you over sized history text book. At a second to spare a tall guy with long black hair walked into the classroom. The teacher looked back and greeted him. "Class, this is our new student Sebastian. He has been living in a circus his whole life so he's a bit shy. Say hello, Sebastian." Sebastian glanced at the other students and gave a tiny smile "Hello..."
  6. Something was very familiar about him. It was until he turned his head to show the left side of his neck when you figured it out. He had the same tattoo like the guy at the circus. "How about you take your seat next to ________?" the teacher said while patting him on his back. He sat next to you and took his note book and text book out. You couldn't help but look at the very detailed drawing of an angel on one of his sheets of paper.
  7. "That looks so cool" you whisper to him. He quickly looks at you then blushes then looks at his drawing. "Y-you think so?" He stuttered. "Well, yeah. I could never draw that good." He chuckles and you have no choice to chuckle along with him. "Hi, I'm _______." you say, giving him a huge smile. "Sebastian." He says back. He gave back a coy smile.
  8. Class is over and you and Sebastian head off to your next class. Luckily enough you have him in your next class too. "So how long have you been in the circus business?" you ask. He pauses to think. "Basically my whole life." he answers while looking down and blushing "Sad, huh?" "No, not at all! I think it's cool!" You say. "Oh...well thanks." He says back smiling a shy smile again.
  9. "You know, I have been to a circus before." you say. "Really?" he asks. "Yeah but only when I was five. I um, walked away from my dad to see what was behind the tent." You admit blushing a little bit. Shock crossed his face as if he was realizing something. You didn't really asked him. Both of you walked into the Biology lab. Many students were already there. In this class you two didn't sit next to each other but you two still were talking to each other.
  10. It was quiet between you two for a while. " how did you get that tattoo?" you asked with curiosity. His face turned to shock again. "You can see it? How? No one has ever see it before......" he said while putting his hand on the part of his tatto that is on his neck. "Well, yeah I can see it. It seems pretty obvious to realize it is there." you say. He just looked down in deep thought and he took a couple of glances at you. Suddenly his face changed as if he found the answer to why he was so shocked. At that moment the teacher walked in and you and Sebastian both took your seats without another word.

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