Your Character Match

Do you ever wonder who you really are? Is there anyone out there who is similar to you? Lets find out what character traits you possess that resemble some of the characters in "The Canterbury Tales".

So please take this quiz and lets find out who you really are. You will never know until you jump right in and begin. So don't be scared, your answer is only a click a way!

Created by: Robyn Nowlin
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  1. Do you love to shop for clothes?
  2. Can you water ski?
  3. Do you enjoy camping?
  4. Do you like to visit museums?
  5. Do you usually drive over the speed limit?
  6. If you found an expensive watch laying on the floor at the grocery store, would you turn it in?
  7. When eating at your favorite restaurant, do you normally order the same meal time after time?
  8. Do you like oysters?
  9. Would you like to go sky diving?
  10. Can you play a musical instrument?

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