What Trouble Trio Character Are You?

There are many people out there who think they match the skill and power of one of eight master dragons. HA! They don't even know the meaning of the words!

Do YOU have what it takes? Do your skills match that of a master dragon. I doubt it. But you're not just gonna sit there and take that, are you? See if you've got what it takes. Take the quiz.

Created by: reina
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  1. It is Saturday afternoon and you have nothing to do at all.
  2. You are using you dragon powers to fly to Wal-Mart when you see a dragon cat who has wandered away from Dragons Fource. What is your first thought?
  3. Your dragon trainer gives you an assignment due in one month. What is your reaction?
  4. SCORE! You find 300 Dragon Dollars burried by the lake. How do you spend them?
  5. You are battling The Red Dragon, and he pulls out a Green Orb. What do you do?
  6. While at the mall, you see this cute girl walking up to you. What are your thoughts?
  7. You get the chance to compete in the National Dragon Bases, a game similar to baseball. You loose the game to some forgien country you can't even remember the name of.
  8. You loose your favorite video game at some grocery store. If you could buy a new one, where would you go?
  9. Your best friend dies in a train accident. You go to his/her family's house to pay respects. What do you bring?
  10. Your dragon powers are a bit rusty. To improve them, you...
  11. If you had to adopt a quote, it would be...
  12. Someone offers a deal- "Give me 500 million Dragon Dollars or I'll kill you and your family." What is your first thought?

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