Which Member Of The Trio Are You?

Ever wondered what HP Trio Member you're most like. Ever had arguements with friends over who's more like Hermione or Ron? Well heres your chance to find out!

Simply answer the following questions to see wether your most like Harry, Hermione or Ron! There are around twelve questions all together and don't forget to answer truthfully! && remember .... HAVE FUN!

Created by: Honey of totalliipotter
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  1. If You Were A Quidditch Player What Would You Play?
  2. Are You....
  3. Where Would Be The Perfect Place To Go On A Date For You?
  4. Your Favourite Class Would Be....
  5. You See A Person Drowning... What Do You Do?
  6. What Is Your Favourite Animal
  7. You Are Most Knowledgable About
  8. Who Would YOU say your most like (be honest now)
  9. You Have The Day Off School Yet You Have Alot Of Homework- What Do Spend The Day Doing
  10. When It Comes To Teachers Do They Like You

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Quiz topic: Which Member Of The Trio am I?