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  1. "_____! Trey!" your mom calls from downstairs, "It's time for school!" You slowly get out of bed, slowly walk into the hall, and slowly walk downstairs. There your mom and your brother, Trey are sitting down eating waffles which is unsual because you and Trey always eat cereal and your mom is at work when you wake up. "Come on in _____, mom made waffles!" Trey says excitedly.
  2. So heres your story: You've been living in CA ALL your life but your mom gets a new job in North Carolina and she makes you and Trey move there with her. As much as you hated the idea, at the end of the day you had no choice but moving so yeah. And now, todays is your first day at your new high school and you thought Trey would hate having to move from his friends but heres exactly what he said to you,"This is an oppurtunity to start a new and pretend that we're not pychotic and that we're actually normal." Unlike Trey, you like to be yourself and no one else even if you're a complete pycho. :)
  3. You ate breakfeast and being the negative person that you are, went on and on about how HORRIBLE today was gonna be. While Trey started researching pick up lines. That's your brother. You both finish the waffles and go upstairs to get dressed for school. What are you gonna wear?
  4. You go into the hall and wait for Trey and wait forever until he finally comes out. "Took you long enough?" you say pushing him jokely. "You can't rush perfection," he says taking a mirror out of his pocket to check himself out. "I'm not rushing perfection," you say taking his mirror, "I'm rushing you."
  5. So you get into Trey's car and he starts to drive to school which is like being in a scary movie because Trey is the worst driver ever. He pulls into a spot and you two get out. You two walk in to the front office and see a cute boy with Justin Bieber hair(cut) and cute dimples. He catches your gaze and flashes you a cute smile. "Excuse me but why are you here?" the lady at the front desk says. "Oh, we're new here," says Trey cause he sees you lost in that boys eyes, those beautiful, green eyes, "I'm Trey Johnson and this is my sister _____." "Ah, your mother told me alot about you two," the lady says then start blabbering embrassing things about you and Trey. You look over at the boy who was laughing at the things the lady was talking about. "Um, can we just get our schedules please," you say blushing like crazy from embrassment.
  6. So shes gives you and Trey your schedules and as you leave that boy slips something in your pocket. As soon as you leave out the office you dig in your pocket to see what that boy put in there. It's a note that says,"Hi cutie, my names Austin. Why don't you sit with me and my friends at lunch, you can bring your brother too". Trey takes your schedule and compare it to his, "Yes! We don't have any classes together, well except Lunch," he says and gives you back your schedule. You look to see what you have for 1st period which is advanced math. Ugh! Your mom probably got you in it. So you're looking at the rest of your schedule but accidently bump into someone and fall down. "Oh, are you okay?" says the guy you bump into. He has blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, and an eyebrow piercing which is ironic because he looks like a big ol' teddy bear.
  7. "Um, yeah I'm fine," you say as he helps you up. "I'm Andrew," he says and shakes his hair. "I'm _____ and this is my brother Trey," you say but when you turn around you saw Trey flirting with some girl. typical Trey
  8. Andrew sees the look on your face and laughs. So you two start talking and he's hilarious. You also find out that you have 4th and 3rd period together. In mid coversation a guy that looks just like him pops out of no where! "Andrew stop flirting with your new girlfriend, you have to go to class," he says not in a serious way though. "Uh, she's not my new girlfriend. She's the new kid and I was just talking to her," he says pushing the guy. "I'm Alex," he says winking. The only difference between Alex and Andrew is that Alex looks slighty older and he has brown highlights. "And what may your name be?" He says kissing your hand.
  9. You tell him your name and shortly after the bell rings so you head off to find Advance Math. When you get there its full of nerds. You may be smart but no one would believe a girl like you would be in a class like this. There was one upside though, there was this guy that had a short brown mohawk. He was cute;D. When class was over and you were in the hallway trying to find your next class, the guy from Advance Math stops you in your tracks. "Um, are you _____?" he asks in shy tone. "Yeah, why?" "You left your notebook," he says handing it to you. "Oh, thank you so much!" you say putting it in you backpack. You would die if someone took it because you write songs in it. "You didn't look through it, did you?" you ask getting worried. "Oh, no. I just looked on the first page to see whos it was," he says, "BTW my name's Jimmy."
  10. You get done talking to Jimmy and go to 2nd period. There you see an empty seat next to a guy who has black emo hair. You don't see his face because he had his head down, probably asleep. As you walk to the seat a girl stands in your way, "So what's the status of you and Andrew?" You look at her like she's crazy, "We don't have a status, I just met him today." She looked you up and down, rolled her eyes and sat down.
  11. AS you sit in the back, the guy lifts his head up and says, "Ignore her, Aleyeah probably got her to do that." "Who's Aleyeah?" you ask. "Aleyeah Danson, Andrew's girlfriend?" he says to you like you were supposed to know that, "Duh!" You frowned, "I'm new here so I don't know a lot of people." "Miss _____, no talking during class. Since you're new, I won't give you Lunch Detention," the teacher says and everyone laughs.
  12. "Anyways, everyone partner up and pick a science project," the teacher says, "It's due at the end of the month." You look around but everyone already had a partner except Mr. Emo(that's not his name but that's what we're calling him). He taps you on your shoulder. "Since everyone has a partner already, do you want to be mine?" he says in a flirty tone. You say sure and as soon as you do, a huge smile came upon his face. Turns out his name is James. After a while, you both agree on a project: proving whether a tomato is a veggie or a fruit.
  13. "So my mom has a garden and I bet if she plants some totatoes we can find a little more information," James tells you. Everyone had some time to talk to their friends or partners. "Are you asking me to come over your house?" you say jokely. James instantly startes blushing, "No what I-I mean if- you want-I mean yyou wannt to." "Aw how cute, your stuttering," you say. He rolles his eyes and smiles. "Alright everyone go to Lunch," the teacher says. You and James grab your stuff and head to Lunch.
  14. You go inside, get your tray, and was about to head to the table Alex was sitting at but Trey grabbed your arm and made you sit with him. "You know that dude from the office this morning," he says. You nod. "Well, someone told me to tell you to stay away from that guy, because the sooner you go out with him the sooner he'll break your heart. And when he does that I'm gonna break his skull," Trey says in a serious tone. That seriousness was later broken cause when he took a sip from his chocolate milk, it squirted out his nose.LSHIFOMUALIAPOG(Laughing So Hard I Fell Of My Unicorn And Landed In A Pile Of Glitter).
  15. You get up and go sit with Alex. "What's up," he says digging into a ham berger. "Nothing much, wheres everyone?" you say cause Alex seems like the popular guy. "Andrew's probably with his girlfriend," Alex says and as if by cue Alex and a girl with navy blue and hunter green highlights came into lunch room. They kissed and went into the lunch line. "She's.....pretty," you say. Alex looks at you, "Are you jealous?" "What! Me! No sir," you rolling eyes. Andrew and his girlfriend walk to the table. "Hey _____ this is my girlfriend Aleyeah. Aleyeah this is _____, she's new," Andrew says sitting down. "Nice to meet you," she says with a country accent, "I like your shrit." "Thanks," you say looking down at your shirt. It had stains on it so you knew she was lying.
  16. "Hey there you are," Austin says giving you a hug from behind. "You two met already?" Alex asks kind of in a jealous way. "Oh yeah, we met this morning. Are you jealous?" you say then start laughing.
  17. Alex frowned and stromed off. You were about to go after him but Austin stopped you. "You didn't do anyhting, he's just dealing with some stuff," Austin says. "Are you sure?" you ask feeling kind of crappy. "Yeah he's just a cry baby, unlike his tough brother," Andrew said flexing his muscles. "Well if you wanna talk about tough, prepare yourself cause these guns are so big it hurts," said Austin flexing his muscles too.
  18. *Skip to 4th period*(BTW, in your school theres only 4 periods a day because you have two differnt kinds of days: A Day and B Day. You'll have different classes on B Days than the ones on A Days which would be a total of eight classes. Thats how my school is, srry for the lecture.) 4th period, last class. It's also the class where you have Austin, Alex, Andrew, James, Jimmy, and sadly, Aleyeah. It's Spanish 1 which you happen to be a whiz at!!! Since your mom is always getting new jobs, she made you and Trey learn all 51 languages including spanish just in case if y'all were to move out of the country.
  19. "Miss _____, how much spanish do you know?" asked the teacher. "Se lo suficiente como para decir una oracion completa, por cierto eso es un bonito vestido encantador," you say(I know enough to say a full sentence, by the way that's a lovely dress). "Gracias," the teacher says, "we have homework tonight, why don't you help Alex with his." Just as she said that everyone went "Oohhh".
  20. As soon as she start to pass out homework you see a note on your desk. When you open it, its read, "I'm sorry about what happened at Lunch, I was just overreacting. Anyways, I was hoping that you would come over my house and help me with homework. LOVE-Alex" You turn around and see Alex. "Well?" he mouths. "Sure, as long as you you're not mad at me," you mouth back. "I can never stay mad at pretty girl like you," he mouths back and winks at you. You giggle and turn back around.

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