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This is another quiz series that i will be making. And no its not a love kind of series. Doods or chicks can take this quiz series it doesn"t matter.

So its your afterlife. You are killed and now you must avenge your death. I know many will say this is probly lame, but its the first one. They will get better.

Created by: xVaMpIrEx

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  1. "Come on, have a drink _______," your best friend Raven pleads. "No! I have to get home, Raven," you say. "Just stay a while longer!" Raven continues. "I'm sorry but i have to go," you say as you walk out the door.
  2. You walk out into the darkness of night. There are no lights on. That would scare most people but not you. You live for the night, you love the fact that there might be something lurking in the darkness. Besides you have to anyway, your only 15. Not old enough to drive yet.
  3. You sigh and start your walk home. Its lonely of course but you like it that way. You hear a movement in the bushes a few feet away. A couple seconds later a squirrel runs out.
  4. Your about a mile and a half away from you house when you see something. Its somebody walking. The dim moonilight shows you his facail features. Long, thing lips, a short stubby nose, light brown hair, and a pair of beady eyes.
  5. You walk past the man. Something tells you to run, but you ignore the instict. "Hey ________," the man says. "How do you know my name?" you say and turn around. Instead of seeing the man all you see is a gun pointed right at you.
  6. "What the hell is this about?" you ask. "You know what this is about, _______," the man says. "The hell i do!" you exclaim. "I know what you are," he says. "What do you-" you start, but you never get to finish the sentance. The last thing you hear is the click of the gun.
  7. You open your eyes. All you see is a bright light at the end of a tunnel. "So this is it. Im dead," you think.
  8. You feel the urge to move towards the light, but you can move your feet. The light begins to fade, and you panic. You try to run, but again you can move your feet. The last thing you see before total darkness is a mans face. "Your not ready yet," the figure says.
  9. "What do you mean?" you ask the figure. "You can't go anywhere until you have avenged your death," the figure repiles. "But-," you start but the figure disappears. Suddenly your not in a dark tunnel your back on earth.
  10. Your alive is your first thought. But you feel different lighter. Nah, its nothing you think. But then you look around. Thats when you see you lifeless body. You hair is matted with dried blood, and you clothes are stained red. "Your dead" a voice behind you says. You turn around and see the figure again. "But im right here. How can i be dead, yet standing and breathing?" you ask. "Thats because you are a ghost now. Your stuck on earth until you have avenged you death.
  11. Thats the end of part one. I know this one is probly lame but hey! Its the first out of the series ok!

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