Where are you going after you die?

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As we all know there are two places you can end up after you die. Heaven or Hell. I made this quiz so you could see where you are going before the enevitable happens.

I hope this quiz is accurate. And if it isn't well. I dont really care. So just quit reading the paragraph and start the quiz to find out the truth about your afterlife.

Created by: xVaMpIrEx

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  1. These next questions are possible senarios that could happen in life.
  2. Your walking home from school/work one day when you see a hobo on the side of the street. The hobo see's you and aproaches. He askes you for some spare change. You...
  3. Your in the supermarket when a little girl walks up to you. Her face is damp with tears and her eyes are red and puffy. Between sobs she asks you if you can help her find her mom. You...
  4. Your walking towards your house in the pouring rain. All you have is a very crappy unbrella, but its still keeping the rain off your head. Your about a block away when a woman with a small child comes up to you and asks if she can use your umbrella. You
  5. Your walking home one day when a car comes out of no where and accidently, but fatally runs into you. The last thoughts you have are about.
  6. You wake up and see God himself. The first thing you do is.
  7. God talks about everything you did in your human life. Most of it is
  8. You are sent to Hell. The reason your there is because.
  9. I ran out of questions.
  10. hope you enjoyed my quiz. bye.

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Quiz topic: Where am I going after you die?