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Its is my first quiz and it's the first quiz of the series that i hope to make this into so plz plz comment so i can see if ppl r taking the quiz and if they like it or not and who u guys get. if u dont get who u want go back and try again.... p.s all the guys r pretty HOT so enjoy

*****PLZ READ!!!! PLZ READ!!!***** So in this quiz ur name is Promise. u have long(a lil past ur shoulder)dark brown honey hair. ur eyes are a pretty mixture of blue and purple. like ur eyes r blue but it looks like a lil purple exploded in the center. ur super pretty.

Created by: Br0k3n PROM1S3S
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  1. ****READ THE 2 PARAGRAPH!!!!!!!!!**** it's describes how u look....u'll get the guys description wen u meet them and in the results
  2. U wake up to ur moms screeching ur name from down the hall."PROMISE!! WAKE UP!! NOW!!!" "I"M UP!! GOSH MOM!!" u yell back as u turn in ur bed but loss balance and fall. u fall off ur bed and land face first on ur cold hard tile floor. u lay there for a minute while debating if ur really gonna get up*GRRRR! i have to get up....1 2 3 UP* u get up and limply drag urself to ur closet. u look it up and down and decide to wear...
  3. So u throw on watever u picked and do all the other morning stuff u gadda do. u hear ur mom drive away for work and look at the clock and notice that it's time for u to leave 2. u run down the stairs but trip on ur untied shoe lace(if u have shoe laces, if not than u just trip) so anyways, u trip and fall the rest of the way down the stairs and land flat on ur face. u get up and run for the door, but realize ur hungry so u run to the kitchen grab an apple and back to the door in a flash.
  4. U get out the door and turn to lock it wen u hear the door from ur neighbors house close too. and u notice that ur neighbor Drake is leaving for school too.
  5. His jet black hair blew in the sudden breeze and his emo hair cut flops his bang in front of his amazingly pretty purple eyes. he notices u staring and looks ur way with a smile. u smile back and he calls out "Hey! How's it going" u call back
  6. well watever u picked u say "Hey!" back with a smile and lock ur door. he does the same and starts to walk down the side walk like he's going to the bus stop. but sense ur his neighbor u know he has a car, a Black Lamborghini. U walk down the sidewalk to ur car, a Midnight Blue Mustang. u open the door to the drivers side* should i ask? yes no yes no* u think. then u call out " HEY DRAKE! Wanna ride to school?!" he freezes, slowly turns around and points to himself "Me?" "Ya!" u say back and with that he gives u one last cautious look which u answer with a reassuring smile and he dashes to ur car. U both get in and start the car
  7. u back out ur drive way and start off 4 school. ur radios off and the car is filled with awkward silence, the only noise is the tires hitting the tar as u drive. " So...Wat happened to ur car?" u say trying to start a conversation. there's a long pause and he acts like he really has to think about the question... he finally comes up with "someone slashed my tires so it's in the shop getting new ones" "oh ok than" u say back. U try to think about who would do something like that but come up with a blank. Drake looks like he's about to say something but just as he opens his mouth u guys pull up in school. As soon as u pull up a dude with fire red hair and grass green eyes named Josh walks up to ur door and opens it. he ducks down and looks in the car expecting it to be just u as usual and has a surprised look on his face. u push him out of the way and step out. imediently he goes back to his slightly annoying flirty self and says one of the cheesiest lines "R u tired, cuz u've been running through my mind all day" Drake looks at him annoyed and walks away." Thanks 4 the ride" he shouts without even looking back.
  8. Before u can say any thing Josh gets ur attention with another cheesy line. u look at him then just walk off for th efront doors of the school before the bell rings and a stamped of students flatten u. just as u get close u hear the jock group pushing and shoving towards the door with only u in the way. u quickly try to move out of the way but some blonde kid pushes u back in the way. u get pushed to the ground, it's not to bad but u r after all ON THE GROUND. as ur looking around for ur backpack before u get up one of the jocks come back. He has cute brown hair with a verry sorry look in his pretty chocolate eyes. he gets to u and reaches out his hand " Srry about that... they can be a lil rough playing around sometimes" he says with a smile. u grad his had and he pulls u up and picks up ur stuff. " i'm Todd" and with that he walks back to his group of friends.
  9. U look around to find who's the blonde that pushed u and see slightly behind a tree.....NATE!! u storm over to the tree and look at Nate. He has messy blonde hair that looks amazing on him and icey blue eyes. if u werent so mad about him pushing u, u'd think he was cute but right now ur just pi**ed....and wat really ticks u off is the smug smirk on his face as he realizes how mad u are. ur open ur mouth to curse him out but the bell rings and ur definitely ganna be late for class. so u just leave
  10. U get in 1st hour and get the usual " Why r u late to my class" yell from Mrs Liker. And sit down in ur usual seat by ur bff CiCi. She give's u that " u really shouldn't test Mrs Liker's patience look" and with that she turns to focus on the Civil War timeline on the board (me: btw Mrs Liker teaches history)1st hour goes by fast, well as fast as a history class can (me: no offence if u like history) and the bell rings. u walk out the door and someone trips u and u fall. just as ur about to hit the floor an arm grads u and pulls u up. it was Drake. u look over to see who tripped u and it was...Nate!!! ur about to tell him off wen Drake pulls u back and turns to walk away. But just before he does, his arm goes swinging straight towards Nate's face and BAM! he's on the floor and Drake is shaking his hand off. u look at Drake in shock but before u can say anything he walks off into the crowd of people in the halls
  11. Ur about to chase after Drake wen an arm grabs ur shoulder....U turn and see it's Josh. He looks at the seen around u....u in shock and Nate on the floor still and asks wat happen. u open ur mouth to tell him but the bell rings and ur ear is filled with the sound of Mrs. Liker screeching at u 3 to get to class. U and Josh r in the same 4 hour so u say "see u in 4th hour" and walk off. u try to clear ur mind and u make it to gym just before the bell and dress out. full in uniform u walk out the dressing room area to the gym and notice that Todd has ur gym, and with none of his usual jock friends. He see's u and smiles while waving u over. u walk up to him and say " Hi?" " Hey, I never got ur name" he says showing his white teeth. " Promise" u say
  12. With that u guys sit down and spend gym together. him trying to show off with his amazing basketball, football, soccer, and weightlifting skills....and u cant resist being impressed cuz..he's got talent!! Yup, most definitely. before u know it gym is over and so is 3 hour so ur off to 4 hour.
  13. u make it through the door and find out that 2day in science, ur dissecting frogs. u sit down in ur desk, feeling sick at the idea of chopping up a frog. as ur lost in the thought of FROG... u r brought back by the waving of Josh's hand in front of ur face with his voice repeating ur name. " Wat" u say trying to distract urself. " ur not to happy about the frog dissecting 2day, r u." he says with a smirk.
  14. " No! Not in the slightest u manage to say. He has a thinking look on his face and says Wanna skip it?" u look at him and say" Hells ya!!!" with that u jump up grab ur backpack and sneak out the door while ur teacher is explaining how to sanitize. u and josh roam the halls for awhile in silence wen u suddenly trip.josh catches u and with a smile and u 2 laugh at the fact that ur so clumsy. "Wanna go outside?" he asks and u say yes and go out the doors. josh lacks behind and u hear him mumbling to himself. ur about to turn around to ask him wat he's mumbling about wen u feel a sharp pain on the back of ur head and ur eyes close trapping u in the black world behind ur eyelids..........
  15. OK guys, so thats it for 'You might love it...' SRRY IT WAS SOOOO LONG, i just needed to start the story off and it seemed to just kept going and going.. so anyways i REALLY REALLY REALLLY need ur feed back so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEE comment and tell me wat u think so far..i really need feed back and really wanna know wat u guys think about the quiz...and guys, i think i'm might add another guy, tell me wat u think, wat u think his name should be, or if i shouldnt add anouther guy

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