You know things are bad when...

Welp, I'm a bored little Panda so I thought "Ooh, let's cure the boredom with making and taking quizzes!" The idiot was wrong. I'm still bored -.-' Save meh!

Created by: XxI Am A PandaXx
  1. The funhouse mirrors make you look normal.
  2. Your boyfriend is only dating you to get closer to your brother.
  3. Life doesn't even give you lemons.
  4. You've tested 12 men. You still can't find the father of your baby.
  5. The scar on your forehead is burning.
  6. Your new friends just dared you to touch the butt.
  7. Turning your girlfriend on means starting up your computer.
  8. You can type "" faster than your own name.
  9. You got mad at your girlfriend so you deflated her.
  10. You can name 200 pokemon, but not the current president.
  11. Your boyfriends jeans are tighter than yours.
  12. Your sex tape was on Animal Planet.
  13. Your boyfriend dumped you... for your brother.

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