You know Orihime Inoue?

Some say they know Orihime but hate her for all the wrong reasons. Some say they know Orihime well enough and don't mind her. Some are not sure. Now here is a quiz to set your mind at ease over her.

Do you wanna find out how much you know about Inoue? Or wanna test your skills? Then take the quiz to see just how much you know one of the most misunderstood characters in the Bleach world.

Created by: naomi
  1. Which one if NOT on of Orihime's abilities?
  2. Her powers work well when she:
  3. How smart is she?
  4. Which Hollow did Orihime take down?
  5. "If I were the rain..." continue the sentence:
  6. What was NOT one of Orihime's dreams?
  7. Orihime's spirit power is as strong as a:
  8. Who is Orihime's capture?
  9. How old was Orihime when he brother, Sora, died?
  10. Who is she in love with?

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