you gonna beat me in a fight OR NOT.

Heck. some people say their fighters to try to look cool. fakers. lets see if you can fight, or at least beat me up. im a fighter, so if u can beat me up, be proud.

not everyone can, only like this one dude. im not naming names, but they can have their bagel back. sorry. inside joke. taco

Created by: ShUdduP

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  1. If some random dude bumped into you and said get out of my way, u'd
  2. have u fought before?
  3. thers a fight by the gym. what you doing?
  4. How many of yo fights have yo won.
  5. what would you do if somone beat you up
  6. do yo like dis smiley face? :)
  7. back to the if some random dude question. if you hit him and he starts crying, u'll
  8. u turn around to leave, he jumps on your back holds a knife to yo neck and you
  9. he ends up on the flor
  10. does you like dis quiz.
  11. do u hate it.
  12. will you rate 10 stars

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