You can not defeat me,for I'm the heart of the land!

You have done what few others could do, and in doing so, you almost lost yourself forever." *. "The night elves grow more arrogant. They take what does not belong to them and trespass where they are not wanted. It is their assumption that everything falls under their domination. Although they did not quite intrude upon my realm , I chose to make them do so in order to teach them a lesson in humilityand manners."

"Who dares defile this ancient land? Who dares the wrath of Cenarius and the night elves?" *. "You cannot defeat me, for I am the heart of the land!" *. "I defeated your kind in ages past and I will do so again!" (mistaking to orcs for demons ) *. "Let battle be joined!" *. " Demon -spawned wretches, you will all die!"

Created by: Cenarius
  1. Let the battle be joined!
  2. Demon spawns wretches,you will all die!
  3. Who dares the wrath of Cenarius...
  4. You can...
  5. Not...
  6. Defeat me...
  7. Here,
  8. For I'm...
  9. The heart of the land!
  10. Farewell mortals.

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