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  • The only difference is I actually have blonde hair and blue eyes ~ loved the quiz tho!! :)

    FreeSpirit Jan 19 '15, 3:12PM
  • I got Akio

    FreeSpirit Jan 19 '15, 3:08PM
  • Sasori only difference is the hair.

    Arakness Jun 13 '14, 3:35PM
  • I got akio, the only thing different about the description is that I have brown eyes and not green ones but I like the color green and I wish I did have green forest eyes ^-^

    Shayna May 26 '14, 6:48PM
  • Lol I got natsumi. I guess all of us get natsumi XD

    Oreijie Jan 12 '14, 1:56AM
  • I got Natsumi, and the descrip is shockingly like me!! The only differance is that my hair is longer than my shoulders, but I did die the front of it blue over summer! X3

    spacekitty_77 Oct 15 '12, 11:00PM
  • i got akio and the description is deadly accurate except for one not tall im accually short but everything else is rite

    xevx May 29 '10, 4:19PM
  • I gots Natsumi!
    I have NO idea who that is, but she sounds SO COOL! =D
    Much like mehself... lol. =]

    DarkKitty Aug 26 '09, 11:31PM
  • Yay! I got Natsumi, awesome, she's really mysterious and unique like me. :)

    Bambi Jul 4 '09, 2:44AM

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