You and your Vampire Boyfriend part 6

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Sorry this one took soooooo running outta ideas. but.....i want to give a shout out to some people.....

pyrowolf, DragonKitty, 15jackie, Jade Black, vidya, kwright, rockyy, Dark_Vampire101, Raven11, qapsie, Selena112, kitty1802, pixystixlove94, lorelie, Mythologyfreak!! i want to thank all of yous for taking my series! thanks!

Created by: pkiera75

  1. RECAP: your done your shower so you put on your Pj's and you go downstairs and the boys are playing some game on the Xbox360. so you sit down next to __ and you put your head on his arm you watch them for 10 to 15 minutes and then you give your round of kisses and go upstairs to bed. you have a pleasent dream and it's with ___ and you to are walking in the park having a romantic picnic, then you two go to the movies and are kissing the whole way through the movie you didnt even see it!
  2. (continuing the dream) yous leave the movie and start walking home. (yous wanted to spend some MORE time together) and out of now where a girl comes out and kicks (whomever you picked as a name) out! she then comes up to you and hold a knife to your throat and then.....
  3. get waken by someone shaking you and here it was Mike. "___! What happen? You ok?!? you were screaming in your sleep!" he says in a real worried tone " fine it was just a bad dream that all." "what happened?" he asks curious now "Well i was going out to places with __ and we went to the movies and this girl came out of nowhere and knocked him out and then..well i think slit my throat!" "WOW! some scary stuff there...what did the girl look like?" "Well...she had like white hair, she was really pale and her eyes were glowing like a pinkish blue type of colour." "Whoa..!" he replies "Why is this important? and why did you say "WHOA?" "Umm..hold on ___ i have to get the guys" "Why?!?! whats wrong Mike? Please tell me your freaking me out now...!!" "Just hold on ___ i'll brb" you wait like 5min and still nothing your wondering what is taking them so long. sarcastically
  4. your getting pretty worried. and then you hear rustling by your window you see a shadow but cant see what it is. now your really freakin out and you dont no where the boys are and you dont no what this thingy ma jigy is. the shadow steps into the moonlight and you see its the girl in your dreams!! you scream at the top of your lungs and the boys come running in...but by the time they get in she is already gone. "S-s-she w-w-was r-r-right t-t-there" you manage to get out and then you fall over but luckily [__] catches you.
  5. you finally awaken and you see two figures leaning over you. "I think shes awake now" you hear one say "Nah! really thats not why her eyes are open!" you no that voice and it was Mike sooo your guessing the other was Blake cause their always nagging on each other. you rub your eyes a little so you can see better and all the guys were there! Mike and Blake standing on either side of you, Josh is/was pacing, Kory and [__] are almost sleeping on the couch. "What happen?" you ask "Well you passed out and b4 you passed out you said She Was Right There?" Josh says totally confused "did you get her!?!? OMG imma die if shes not! Did she hurt anyone?!?" you were ramming questions out like there was no tomorrow! and the guys just made faces at you they were like this: O.O, o_O, u_u, v_v, O.o got the point? Good! you finally stopped talking and since you were sitting up the boys laid you back down "___calm down! ok?" is all you heard b4 you heard a window smash. you looked over and it was her!! you screamed so loud you broke the dressers mirror!
  6. the guys start fighting her they through her to the wall and everything! you got so scared you turned invisible! then Blake sneaks out of the battle and he is calling you. you tell him to be quiet and he is like where the heck are you. you walk in front of him and he gets scared a lil and says i have to get you outta here! he was going to pick you up but you insited on walking so you grabbed his hand and you wanted to try something with your invisible powers so once you grabbed his hand you turned invisible and he turned invisible too! so you both sneaked out of the room and went to his room. what do you think?
  7. you sit on his bed and put your knees up and lay your head down on them....are they gonna be alright? you ask Blake. "Yea! they'll be fine! they got their powers!" he says "Yes! but their not strong enough, Blake!!" you yell at him you get up and go to the boys and you hear slamming, crashing, cracking and whatnot you walk into the room and you see Mike in the corner with blood flowing out from every part of him! you run over to him invisible and you can see he has barley any life left. you start to cry and you take of your hoodie and try to stop the blood from coming out.
  8. Blake comes in and helps the boys finish her but she gets scared and jumps out of the window...the guys then turn to see you and Mike in the corner they run over to you and Mike and they see the same thing you did but less blood. Kory picks you up and places you next to Josh and you lean on him while Kory is doing something that is making Mike glow!
  9. the next thing you no is that he is floating in midair!! your so astonished you stop crying and your speechless!!! Kory is still kneeling with his eyes closed and Mike s placed back on the floor in front of Kory.....
  10. and since Mike was already dead.....! and his eyes were bloodshot. they then return to his normally beautiful color. he sits his self up and the first thing he looks at is.....YOU..., you run over to him and now you start crying again. the guys leave and leave you and Mike alone. you were still wondering how he came back and what was going on you were confuzled but right now you didnt care he was back...!
  11. you where on his lap and crying inside his neck so he picked you up and carried you to his room. he sat you on the bad and laid next to you. you leaned onto him still crying but lightly "Shhhh.....___...its ok! im here now!" you rubbed your eyes and sniffled a lil and said "I no...its just that i would of lost you forever.....CLIFFHANGER!!!! -me- muwhahhaha
  12. Did you like it?

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Quiz topic: You and my Vampire Boyfriend part 6