You and your Vampire Boyfriend part 4

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Sorry this one took long i was busy the past two sorry! but comment more and prob i will keep making then you ain't commenting so idk if you like!

But i will try to make part 5 today if it's not out i'll tell you now that if it's not out i started it and i'll prob finish it tomorrow if not plz have patience's!

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  1. ok recap! you got the guy who tried to kill you out of the way now, your going to get something to eat. you are almost out the car when Josh pulls you back in and he waits till the guys go in and then he it?
  2. he says he wants to tell you something you ask him what is it in a annoyed voice and he tells you..I love you ____... you just look at him with a shocked expression he notices and pulls your face closer to his. you kiss him and he continues to kiss you more. you are kissing so much you forgot that the others came out. and there they were starring at you once again....
  3. you put your head down in embarrassment. Josh notices and tells the guys to quit starring. they do so but you can tell someone is looking at you with disappointment in their eyes at you..yous go inside and order your drinks. you order whatever. then you order whatever dinner you want of your choice. noone talked while eating until Blake broke the silence he started talking bout really random things! like racing to reading, cooking to beating you could tell he was trying to convo so you joined in on everything he said. you could see him blush a little so you started to talk to only him since he was the only one talking. you thought to yourself they are just super jerks and right when you thought that Alex started getting mad you wonder why he was getting mad but b4 you could ask Josh was telling him to calm and all that crap. you sarted to get annoyed with Kory, Alex and Josh because they wouldnt talk. you dont get y Josh wouldn't but you dropped that out of your head and focused on Blake and Blake only....
  4. dinner was done with and this time Blake is driving home and your in the passengers seat. you to are still talking bout everything and anything. the boys in the back look really annoyed. so you finally blurt out, "What the hell is wrong with you guys yous are getting on my last nerve with this silent treatment crap!" Alex comes out and says "You no what?! you are the one getting on our nerves!" you look really confused on what he just said and you just glare at him you then turn around REALLY annoyed. Kory is yelling at Alex "What the hell man?! Take a freaking chill pill. what was that for anywayz?!" "Nothing.." Alex says almost to quiet.. you finally get to the house your the first one out you open the door and run straight up to your room. you cry yourself to sleep and when you awake you dont realize the place your in. you see a emo dude at the bottom of your bed you glance at em when he turned his head you quickly shut your eyes...
  5. he finally stops staring and says i no your awake _____... you give up and open your eyes you ask how he new your name he said from the boys. now your really confuzled why did they take me? you ask you have powers _____ didn't you know that? NOOO!! i don't no crap! iight calm down! geez..then Josh walks in the door he has a expression on his face you never seen b4..he looked really happy that you were awake and angry at the same time because (your guessing this)the emo dude stayed with you but he tried to cover it with a smile that was weak enough for you to tell there was something going on and it wasn't good.
  6. He comes in and says "___ i have something to tell you" "your dang right you have something to tell me!! where the hell am i too?!?!?!" "well your in our house" "who's `our` house?!?!" "Me, Blake, Alex, Korry and Mike." Whos Mike?" "thats me" the dude that was sitting at the bottom of your bed said who was now by the window. " why am i here?" you say calmer now and Josh's expression lowers from the tension that used to be in the room. "You are here because we need!" he says with a smile "YOU need MY help?....with what?" "Well....."
  7. we need your help defeating....the Queen of Evil. Josh says with seriousness in his tone and eyes and everything! O.K! "but why do you need my help? im so weak and tiny...just a weak girl is all." "you have something really special ___. you just dont know about it obviously so..i'll tell you wh--" he gets interrupted by knocking on the door. "Come in morons! Mike shouts. you see it's the rest of the boys and your thinking "Mike just called them morons? how rude!" "hey did you tell her yet?" Blake asks "No..not yet i was waiting for you guys" Josh says "Yea right you were gonna start if we were or if we weren't here douche bag!" Alex yells. "ok well __ as i was going to say...we are not humans...we are.....Vampires...with only one special power. this is why we need your help. you have like four different powers which are really good fighting ones. we have some that might help us battle but prob not as good as yours." Josh explains. you stand up and start to say something and the next thing you no your lying on the floor passed out!
  8. you wake up and your lying in a bed. you hit your head on the nightstand and a glass of water was on it and you knocked it over and it made a loud noise you hear fast foot steps and you act like nothing happened and you close your eyes you act like your sleeping when you hear someone say "what was that is she okay?" "yes she's ok she must of hit the nightstand and knocked over the water that all" you know notice that voice and it was Mike and the other one was Blake (he asked if you were ok) you guessed the others were sleeping since they didnt come in. and you didnt hear anyone move either. you open your eyes just a lil bit and you see that they are sitting down on the coach that was in the room and they both are knocked out! you fall asleep and the next day you hear people talking you hear: "is she awake yet?" "Not yet" you hear another person say "Now?" "No!" "Now?" "NO!" "Now?" "yes!" "realy?" "NO! Blake shutup!" "oh.." you cant help but laugh a little and then you hear someone say "Shes awake?" you assume it;s Blake since he seems the only one a tad way to much over ask what happen and they say you passed out when they told you, you had powers and that we were looked very astonished and cannot believe it! you say ok and then you ask if they've got food cause you haven't ate in like days and you think your stomach shrank! they say yea and walk you downstairs and you see they have a REALLY big living room followed with a REALLY big dining room and that followed with a REALLY big kitchen that you see Kory in making something that smells really delicious! you eat whatev Kory made and then yous start talking bout you powers. they said to be able to use your powers you have to unleash them! you ask how can you do that and they said that you'll need traning and they said your powers were orbing, telepathy, invisibility and that you can control fire! you were so excited you wanted to start training now!...but the boys said that they'll start tomorrow! you finish eating breakfast and head upstairs to take a shower and plan to explore the house later. when you get to the room you were given to stay in you seen someone on your bed!... and here it was Alex! he told you to close the door and.......lock it! you did so and you sat next to em and started saying stuff but you couldnt hear it...and the next thing you know you too were kissing like there was no tomorrow!
  9. he lies you down on the bed and starts making out with you! now you think he went to far and you yelled at him to stop and to get off of you. he gets off you and asks you whats wrong. you tell him you barely no him all you no is that he likes you and hes a Vampire! he says so? you dont no what to say so you just say " just dont do that again" and with that he gets up kissed you on the forehead and says "OK i wont" and leaves. you sigh and take a shower you see they brought some of your clothes from your house over and you put on your PJ's of you designs or whatev and fall asleep. who are you dreaming about?
  10. you get waked up by Kory and you realize you slept all day yesterday! "Wake up sleepy head! you slept the whole day yesterday!" "Oh really" "YEA!" "Wow! i must of been tired!" "Yea i guess so!" he sits nest to you on the bed and when you sit up and go brush your teeth and hair you come out and he's still there! he tells you to sit and then you ask him "Wh--?" you get cut off by him......CLIFFHANGER!
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Quiz topic: You and my Vampire Boyfriend part 4