Yet another Les Miserables quiz

On my own , pretending he's beside me, all alone i walk with him till morning, without him i feel his arms around me, and when i lose my way i close my eyes ,

and he has found me in the rain the pavement shines like silver all the lights are misty in the river in the darkness the trees are full of starlight

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  1. Who plays Marius best? (there is only ONE correct answer)
  2. Is Eponine insane for jumping a bullet meant for Marius or is she brave
  3. Who is the best character? (there is only one correct answer)
  4. Did Javert die?
  5. Javert is hero is this true for you
  6. Which is your favorite song from the musical version?
  7. When you watch any part where Javert gets hurt or is in danger in any way what do you do?
  8. when Jean Valjean dies how does it make you feel
  9. what's your opinion on Gavroche
  10. Eponine and Marius or Cossete and Marius?

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