Which Les Mis Character Are You?

Les Miserables is a French play that takes place a really long time ago. Basically, a dude named Jean Valjean is on parole and is running from this cop dude named Javert. Meanwhile, Eponine loves Marius but Marius loves Cosette, who was given to Jean Valjean from Fantine who died of STD. You can Google 'Les Mis' for more details.

So ... which character are you most like? Are you the honest Valjean? The evil cop Javert? Maybe you're flirty Cosette or hard-working Fantine. Or... you could be brave little Gavrouche! Maybe you're Marius, or Madame Thenardier! Of course, I'm not going to say which of those characters are actually on the test because then you might try to be a certain character. So take the test, and enjoy!

Created by: HorsesForever
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. It's Sunday ... church time! What is your response?
  2. How do you like your hair?
  3. What is one word to describe you (not physical)?
  4. What is one word to describe you (physically)?
  5. Which of the following occupations would you want best?
  6. What is your goal in life?
  7. Choose one person who you absolutely despise. Answer questions 9 and 10 about that person. Why do you despise him/her?
  8. What will you do to get even with him/her?
  9. Which represents you best?
  10. Which song from Les Mis is your favorite?

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Quiz topic: Which Les Mis Character am I?