Would you survive total anarchy?

The governments around the globe have lost control, the armed forces have been overthrown, and the structure of civilization has been liquified completely.

People are out on the streets killing each other, breaking into and pillaging houses, etc. Obviously, the life expectancy rate has dropped drastically. Will you survive this global crisis?

Created by: Big Chungus
  1. All of the following scenarios happen after you know about the situation, 'kay? So, someone knocks on your door. Hard. Like they're hitting it.
  2. You're out getting supplies, and in a scrapyard, you find a car motor. Just as you grab it, someone else on the other side does too.
  3. Let's say you decided to join a team. Which of the following do you choose?
  4. True or false: It is still safe in your home.
  5. There is a family in a burning building, and can be rescued relatively easily.
  6. If you have to escape into a uninhabited land, what is your plan?
  7. Zambie.
  8. Think of a random object. Can you kill someone with that object you thought of?
  9. You hear a hissing/sizzling noise under your bed. What do you do?
  10. Do you think you can survive?

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