Would you survive THG?

This is a good quiz about how well you would survive in the hunger games! answers give you a percentage of surviving and in the description of you average place!

Are you victorious? or are you fallen and forgotton? i am a huge THG fan and i hope you find your answer accurate and a really fun quiz to take!!!!!!!

Created by: imazin guy

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. When your name is called at the reaping, how do you act???
  2. In training, what would you do and how would you act???
  3. In the interveiw, how do you act???
  4. When the gong goes off, what do you do??
  5. What is the ideal hideout?
  6. How do you find heat in a cold and dark arena??
  7. Out of the short list (sorry) which are you most skilled at
  8. How would you find water and food in the arena??
  9. If you came across a possible allie, what do you do????
  10. At a feast, what do you do? your pack is in the cornucopia on a table

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