Would you survive the end of the world?

Some people believe in the end of the world, some don't. Let's pretend that it was the end of the world and only one thing matters:your quest for survival. Now, here's the question that will determine your fate: would you survive the end of the world?

You will face dangerous natural disasters and some very tough decisions, but don't worry: there's a bit of humour in there too. Now, would you survive the end of the world, or perish like the other idiots? Take this quiz and find out...

Created by: Nikki Knox
  1. You walk out the front door and realize you're in the middle of an earthquake. You:
  2. Great: a tornado appears right outside your house and is coming towards you. You:
  3. Oh no! The most dangerous vocano in the wolrd (Killuwaea, Hawaii) just erupted and the glowing lava was rushing towards you! You:
  4. Crap! The glaciers are melting, and you are about to be hit by a deadly cold flood! You:
  5. Great: A hurricane is just what I needed! Here comes the wind! You:
  6. Oh, s---: The wind just brought you to the dryest place on earth. You:
  7. Oh crap: Asteroids. Here they come, and they're about to crush you! You:
  8. Oh. s---. Landslides. You are about to slip down into the depths of the sea because of it. You:
  9. It starts to snow. BADLY. It's a deadly blizzard that can realy kill you, not to mention you're in your T-shirt! You:
  10. What are you?
  11. Do you wear glasses?
  12. What did you think of the last two questions?
  13. Let's pretend that the end of the world is over and you survived. There's no food, only people. You:
  14. If you happened to die during the end of the world, when would it be?
  15. If you happened to die during the end of the world, what would kill you?
  16. Do you even believe in the end of the world?
  17. Do you think you will survive?
  18. Did you like this quiz?
  19. Are you ready to see your results?

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