would you survive on a desserted island?

there are many people that are like Bear grills and could deffinatly survive on an island. there are not many people who could! what is bear grills like? well he is a guy who would drink his own pee to survive.

Are you a surviver? do you have the skills to qaulify as a surviver? if you think so then take this quiz. it will tell you what you need to know! just do it!

Created by: Mckenna
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  1. Could you survive without your phone?
  2. Could you survive without your phone?
  3. what is the one thing you would bring with you?
  4. what would be the one outfit you would were there?
  5. how much exersice do you get?
  6. do you mind spiders snakes rats etc.?
  7. do you mind having to eat bugs?
  8. would you miss TV?
  9. ok this is a BIG ONE do you like CHEESE???
  10. ok are you ok with having to only drink water?

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