How long would you survive on a desert island?

The human race has evolved , through the ages , from cavemen surviving in the wild to us, now, living in huge cities with all we will ever need surrounding us. Have we forgotten the basic skills of survival? Would anyone be able to live just a couple hours, cut of from electricity and the warmth of a shelter, alone on an island??

Are YOU ressourceful? Do you have the skills and the determination to survive alone on an island? Thanks to this quiz, you now know if it is a good idea to try for yourself!

Created by: Floffy

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  1. When the fire alarm goes off, you
  2. What to you think are the four basic needs :
  3. Do you often play video games, card games and jenga?
  4. Can you lift your weight?
  5. When no one is looking, do you talk or sing to yourself?
  6. Can you enjoy moments of solitude?
  7. How often do you go outside?
  8. Do you ever make up your own dreams, when you are bored?
  9. Do you have a obsessive hobby?
  10. Are you diabetic/hypoglecemic/allergic to meat?

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