Would you survie in the wild?

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The quiz on, "if you'll survive in the wilderness." Kinda long, but please DO take it! Surviving in the wilderness is tough, and definetly not everyone can do it. But maybe YOU can!

This quiz is longer than usual! And if you don't get the most perfect score, then just know this quiz isn't the most accurate thing in the world. It covers MOST survival subjucts, and has alot of,"if ____ happened you'd ____." I tried hard on this quiz, and I hope you like. Be honest!!! Please. Click what you REALLY would have done! Until now you just think, "Maybe I'll survive..." And thanks to my quiz you'll actually know with having to try!

Created by: Emma LAWL
  1. Heys guys before you start please know this quiz is REALLY old. I know I spelt survive wrong in the title. Anyways back to the first question. Did you think you'd survive?
  2. Is nightshade deadly and how does it look like?
  3. A moutian lion spots you! Quick! What do you do!?
  4. A crazy man has been tracking you. He has a gun. You manage to get away for now. It starts to rain and it's night you:
  5. Where'd you shelter?
  6. You got some wood!!! You decide to use it for shelter so you:
  7. You'd rather:
  8. You have no supplies. So you hunt with:
  9. You are at stream washing your hands. You are cold and tired. You see a cave upstream! It doesn't look like anybody's been living there, but can't be too sure. You:
  10. Say for the question above a friend was with when you spot the cave. Your friend is all for it to go into the cave you:
  11. Say you were in a rainforest. You spot a cute looking creature. You:
  12. You see a house up ahead. One lonley house. On the porch there's a man singing all drunken. You walk while closer and see he has a gun.
  13. Thunderstorm! You hide:
  14. You had the perfect day! Plus as a before night meal you caught a rabbit! After a meal you hide the rabbit:
  15. The perfect colors to hide you in a foresr are:
  16. A rattlesnake is:
  17. A green snake is MOST likely:
  18. You are bleeding. What is best to use if you have no band aids?
  19. Has this quiz rebuilt your confidence on surviving in the wild?
  20. Did this quiz bore you out of you're mind?
  21. Okay last question; what is one of the most important thing that's key to surviving in the wild?
  22. Haha! I lied that wasn't the last question.

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