Wilderness Survival Quiz

Many people think they could take care of themselves out in the unforgiving wilderness, but they are mostly idiots. It takes more than natural instinct to survive alone in the wild. Its not just guts, but brains as well. Without the proper knowledge, you are doomed.

Take this test to prove your ability to take on all that nature can pit you against. Or maybe this will be more of a humbling experience. The questions are all true and false, and the results do not lie.

Created by: Wilderness Survival Group
  1. Some mushrooms are okay to eat only if they are not multicolored.
  2. Humans can survive up to five days without water.
  3. Walking around the beaches and treading through the water requires extreme care and you should tie cloth to the bottom of your feet.
  4. To swim out of a rip current you should swim to shore as hard and as fast as possible.
  5. Eating snow can provide enough water to prevent your body from dehydrating.
  6. Snowboarders and skiers have been known to cause massive avalanches on snow-topped mountains.
  7. If you suddenly stop shivering in the freezing cold, this is an indication that your body has adjusted to the temperatures.
  8. Wearing tight fitting clothing can keep you warm by reducing heat loss through the body.
  9. When encountered by a large predator the best thing to do is run away.
  10. It is safe to go into shallow waters in order to clean the body.
  11. If the skin suddenly blisters it is best to wash the affected area with sand and water.
  12. It is usually safe to eat the fruits and vegetables that other herbivore mammals eat.
  13. When stranded in the desert, it is a good idea to ration the little water you have left.
  14. When traveling through the desert, one should stop and rest 10 minutes after every three hours of travel.
  15. It is a good idea to bed or rest near the vicinity of a water source.
  16. If the body experiences extreme heating, then it is best to consume the slimy liquid found within cacti.

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