How well could you survive?

Are you able to survive the hot desert with only your water bottle.How about the remotest island in the world?If you think you cn, come take this quiz and find out for sure...

Your food is running low and you've been on the go for days.No water in your canteen and the rain is falling down hard.Could you survive this and can you survive the quiz??

Created by: narwhal
  1. You are trapped alone in the middle of the desert.What item would you want?
  2. A plane flys overhead and you are trapped in the middle of the woods,starving and desperate.You...
  3. You are on an island and you are hungry, cold, and thirsty.Which resource do you seek out first?
  4. A tribe of savage cannibals see you.What do you do?
  5. How do you build your shelter?
  6. You continue through the desert but only have 1/2 a bottle of water left.You are very thirsty.You?
  7. A pack of coyotes keep coming to your camp and keep eating all your food.You?
  8. You find someone else on the island that is also trying to survive.You?
  9. You are starving when all of a sudden, you come across a huge berry bush with shiny red berries!You?
  10. You cut your leg and it doesn't stop bleeding.The cut is very deep and if you don't get help soon,you'll die.So,You?
  11. You cant survive anymore without a weapon of defense so you?

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