Would you survive my school

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. My Mum tries to be cool by saying that she likes all the same things that I do. If the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy had babies would they take your teeth and leave chocolate for you?

A purple pig and a green donkey flew a kite in the middle of the night and ended up sunburnt. What was the person thinking when they discovered cow's milk was fine for human consumption... and why did they do it in the first place!? Last Friday in three week's time I saw a spotted striped blue worm shake hands with a legless lizard.

Created by: Yveltal

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  1. You get to home room and someone says "I want to use your rubber or I will tell"
  2. you have to go to P.E now. You have to run 3km for the upcoming race. There's one more cup at the drink stall, you grab and drink it. Someone wants a sip.
  3. Now you have Language. You head off to your French/Italian/etc Class and you get there. Theres no work.
  4. You have your recess break and you're on the playground. Someone is rushing you along on the climb web. What do you say?
  5. You go back into class. It's time for music and you are playing guitars in it. Someone keeps playing the wrong note on purpose and the teacher gets mad.
  6. Religion time. You do a Color in sheet of Jesus and someone starts shouting "NOOT NOOT" And then everyone apart from you does "NOOT NOOT" And the teacher walks in, and everyone quiets down and all get rewarded. (You got a slightly smaller reward)
  7. Maths... The hardest.... (Not the work or the teacher that sux) You at your desk. The kid next to you shoves their s--- onto your desk. You put all the stuff evenly on the desk and then they SCRATCH you. You bleed.
  8. They dob on you for saying "cheese" and they get in trouble for dobbing on you for a crap reason and for scratching you so they get detention for a week so you
  9. It's lunchtime and this little s--- is being a jerk.
  10. The jerk in detention spots you and writes something down on their paper and holds i up. "When I ask you say yes, and btw f**k you B==D"

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