Would you survive in NYC?

Have you ever been to New York City?? Think you'd survive the massive groups of people? well i guess we'll see about what you think and what are the facts sweetie ;)

NYC IS A JUNGLE. is there an inter beast in youu? do you have what i t takes to live and survive the big apple? lets see! this quiz will tell you exactly how you would fit in in NYC BABBY!

Created by: lafonda

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  1. you are waaaay lost &YOU ARE STARVING, so..
  2. we all ♥ gift shops ! what do you get?
  3. its winter, there is yellow snow... so?
  4. your in your car, a very BIG ANGRY taxi drive flips you off, and..
  5. Would you ever on ANY circumstance walk in a dark alley in NYC at night?
  6. you see a hobo.....
  7. whats the best smell?
  8. someone gives you an address, can you find it?
  9. have you ever been to NYC?
  10. how was this quiz?( will not effect )

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