Would you survive in my household?

My household is a hot mess, a complete nutcase! Do you have the qualities to survive in such a cruel environment, or will a lobe of your brain erupt for staying too long? In a click of a mouse, you can find out!

Why are you still reading the second paragraph? Only weirdos do that! If you did that in the presence of my family you would die. Care to prove me wrong? Well go ahead and take this quiz then!

Created by: Yuki Snow

  1. Are you short tempered?
  2. Do you talk back to your elders?
  3. Do you eat a lot of food?
  4. How smart are you?
  5. Do you work hard and diligently or lazily and sloppily?
  6. Do you love kids?
  7. Do you like manual labor?
  8. How many more questions to go?
  9. How often do you complain/nag
  10. Do you mind if your elders wear skin tight clothing even if theri weight is... a little over the edge
  11. Do you have the confidence to proclaim yourself survivor of my household?

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