How Much Do You Know About Your Brain?

The bio-chemical hardware in your head. You don't have to break down all these functions on a daily basis because it is automatic unless your brain is not working well, than it is more standard. For those who believe in the Ego and the Id the ego could be in the mid brain and the Id in the frontal lobe.

When we're fatigued or basic needs aren't met the potential for the horns coming out is there. We evolved to have higher functioning brains than apes because we can talk and type and more competent to get work done in the team setting. However, I don't think animals would ever make up "vengeance" that is a bad idea made by man. Every One Lives! ALL!

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  1. How do neurotransmitters negatively affect the brain in depression and other mental illnesses?
  2. A person can lose functioning in one part of the brain and make up for it with a different part of the brain.
  3. What are the signs of a major stroke?
  4. It's pretty obvious that the body cannot operate without the brain or muscles. One guess I have is that larger people utilize more isometric weight bearing. They burn more calories just by standing there. Although a body at rest stays at rest and a body in motion stays in motion. What does the Broca's area in the circular temperol lobe do?
  5. What does the Frontal Lobe do?
  6. Short Term Memory can probably be improved with practice?
  7. Lots of people do good without medicine if they have coping mechanisms.
  8. What was the Hippocampus and the Hypothalimus (midbrain) thought to do?
  9. What does the Brain Stem do?
  10. What does the Cerebellum do?
  11. What does DNA and Mitosis do?
  12. I guess when the DNA replication and Mitosis slows down or totally stops working a person might die without intervention. Sometimes it over replicates like in cancer and forms tumors.
  13. I guess when people die naturally its from their body parts wearing out (heart failure or stroke). Added environmental stress like vigorous exercise or long distance trips could worsen their condition and cause death.

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About my Brain?