Does your texting buddy like you?

Hey! So I noticed that most of the 'does he like me?' quizzes take it for granted that you see the guy on a daily basis. But what if that's not the case? What if you're head over heels for that guy you rarely me..but chat with all the time? How do you tell then??

This quiz is for all girls who fall into that category. Take this quiz and you hopefully won't have to spend time getting frustrated because he's not being direct! Good luck!

Created by: Sally

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  1. Let's start with the often do you two text?
  2. Are your conversations 'chats' or just simple convos based on schoolwork?
  3. Who initiates the chats? Notice I said 'chats'..not convos about work
  4. Assuming you do have personal conversations...does he take a genuine interest in your life?
  5. Does he remember details about you? And I'm asking only about those details he's actually asked you about. (Eg. Your favourite band)
  6. Does he remember the little things? (Egs. Your reaction to something he once said or how you hate a certain preparation of fish)
  7. Has he expressed any desire to see you in person?
  8. Say you two attend the same school or college. How does he react when he does see you?
  9. Does he compliment you? (Personality, looks, wit, etc)
  10. Lastly..did you like this quiz? It's a first attempt.. (Doesn't affect your result)

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Quiz topic: Does my texting buddy like you?