How Well Do You Know Me

Many people have met me and talk to me on a daily basis. I was bored, was sent this link and am morbidly curious to see how all ya'll do. I wonder who will score the highest...

Do you know me well? These questions range from easy to hard but none are impossible if you've spent any legnth of time with me. I'm really kinda curious to see the scores. I tried to make it fun.

Created by: Sheri

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  1. We'll start easy... What is the name of my favorite comic book series?
  2. If you got the last question right, you probably know this one. Which Sandman character is my favorite?
  3. What are my dogs names?
  4. Everyone knows I drive a PT Cruiser. Most know I call it The Doombuggy. Where did I get "Doombuggy" from?
  5. What band got me through college, and has had more effect on me than any other?
  6. Tough one...which band got me through high school, and I still regard as a favorite, despite everything else I listen to...
  7. Speaking of my writing/art...which of the following "types" has NOT been a main character in a script or short story I've written?
  8. Everyone knows I go to Disneyworld a lot. What hotel there do I call "home"?
  9. What ride is my favorite in all of Disneyworld?
  10. What is my favorite type of animal?
  11. You are suddenly charged with picking out clothes for me to wear (happily) on a Saturday afternoon. What do you get for me?
  12. My takeover of the planet will be done primarily through the use of:
  13. My favorite author is:
  14. If Neil Gaiman had never been born (gasp!the horror) my favorite author would be:
  15. Which of the following do I NOT collect?
  16. Politics is fun. I am a :
  17. I have been to :
  18. I'm not very superstitious but I do not like to leave the house without which of the following somewhere on my person :
  19. Which of the following was one of my ferrets names?
  20. What pertaining to paranormal research is my specialty?
  21. Make me a drink!
  22. At the Adventurer's Club, Kungaloosh means ALL but which of the following?
  23. The most ridiculous song ever, of all time is:
  24. What's my current favorite TV show?
  25. The band I most, MOST recently discovered that I really like is:

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