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  • uuhm first thing it said i would survive a month.. um nah. i don't even know why i took this quiz. awful grammar/ spelling and you clearly know nothing about zombies or aliens. sorry but not a very good quiz. second thing, what does being a girl have to do with anything. the last person said guys take care of killing. no. girls are just as good as guys in every way. girls should take care of killing.

  • wow...I would last 1-3 weeks, thats proaly true...I mean Im a girl, guys take care of the killing, alien, gun thingy right?? And what about the Us Army??

    Yusei Fudo
  • Ehh, I was only bored when I made this. Geez, don't get you're panties in a bunch €.€

  • this quiz LIES! i would survive you die!!! you SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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