Would You Survive a Friday the 13th?

We've all seen the Friday the 13th movies, but how would you fare if the events of Friday the 13th started happening to you? Pit yourself against the legendary Jason Voorhees and find out.

CH CH CH AH AH AH....If you hear this noise, odds are you're toast...or are you. Find out by seeing how you stack up to Crystal Lake's finest man in a mask, Jason Voorhess.

Created by: Myzery
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  1. Others would describe you as:
  2. Everyone you know is going to the lake for the summer, you:
  3. Upon hearing the local legend about Jason you:
  4. It's night and one of your friends has dissapeared you:
  5. After the search ends you discover that almost everyone is now missing, you:
  6. With something being amiss you arm yourself with:
  7. You have now discovered all your friends dead bodies. Instinctively you:
  8. The police don't show, but the man in the mask DOES. You:
  9. Jason appears down for the count. You:
  10. Jason's dead. You're alive. The police are on their way. You:

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