would you servive as a vampire?

turning was the worst thing you ever exsperienced.destroying everything and everyone you loved.church was your life and so was the meals you ate.there's the reason why you did it why you killed yourself. for you never dreamed becoming a preditor for you were pure and white

not hot nor cold. for you always felt an outcast depressed as it may.turning for you was ok but of course you missed family even if there are people you wished to kill.the sun would have been nice, church to you was hell. at least there was a second option which you did not pick but found.

Created by: saphora helmes
  1. do you faint at the sight of blood
  2. how do you feel about seeing dead people?
  3. how do you feel about religion
  4. let's say you did turn and you were religious but couldn't enter a church what would you do then
  5. every vampire is crazy about blood but the question is if you killed someone from thirst would you feel gilty
  6. would you tell your family of what happen to you
  7. do you think that your family would turn you into an outcast if they ever found out
  8. would you kill them if they tried to kill you for turning whether it was your fault or not
  9. would you miss the sun
  10. do you believe in good vampires
  11. are you going to miss you being human

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