Would you rather????


I love making quizzes. Would you fathers are awesome. I’m bored and hungry right now. Doesn’t spaghetti sound good. Okay, fine. I’m just doing some fillers.

Created by: ElizabethAdams

  1. Would you rather eat dirty toenails or swim in blood?
  2. Would you rather lose your phone for a week or go skydiving off the tallest building in the world?
  3. Would you rather dance the robot or dance the chicken dance?
  4. Would you rather meet Eggaly or Dragonsfire? (Me: I’d love to meet both but probably won’t happen)
  5. Would you rather eat moldy apple pie or rotten ribs?
  6. Would you rather egg someone’s house or break your own house’s window?
  7. Ok so now I’m just gonna do fillers. FILL THE HOLES IN!!!!!!
  8. I like apples and pineapples
  9. Willow and Elizabeth!!!
  10. Welcome to my quizzzzzzz! Bye now! XD

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