Would you make a good parent?

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I have lots of experience with children and have learned a lot from them. This quiz is accurate and I hope pleasing to you. If you have any questions, post them in the comments.

I will answer most if your questions in another quiz. Please, take this quiz seriously because it may one day affect a child. I hope for the best.....

Created by: Tacocat1
  1. Spanking?
  2. Chores?
  3. Ok rp time
  4. Your child needs it's diaper changed, your husband/wife is not home... so you:
  5. Your child is 5 years old, he/she gets a cut... You:
  6. Rp is over
  7. What would you feed him/her
  8. They like a girl/boy at school and ask for advice... You say:
  9. Someone is bullying your child, you:
  10. Your child is 20 and trays to commit suicide... You respond by:
  11. That's the end of the quiz
  12. I hope if you get the result "NOPE" you don't have a child until you are ready.
  13. If you get "Um" plz read some books on parenting (no offense) also BOOKS NOT something online.
  14. And if you get "Yes" you might want to read a book once in a while, but otherwise good job
  15. Bye, and plz read the words at the end and bottom of the page

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