Would you live in Bellingham?

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Many People may live in Bellingham, only a few are true B-Hampsters!! Let your self be one!! Give it a shot! You wont be disappointed.. (I think) Hope you like the quiz!!

Are you are true Bellingham person? Do you mind the rain and the slugs? Or do you need to live your everyday like you are at prom? Find out here! :)

Created by: Rowan

  1. Do you mind the rain?
  2. You see a banana slug, you....?
  3. Do you like the woods?
  4. You are on a walk, maybe in the forest with some friends... And you see a shrub of holly plant, you....?
  5. The birds in the trees mean exactly how much to you???
  6. Do you really enjoy nature?
  7. You see a pair of high heels on one shelve, on the other you see a pair of hiking boots, what one do you go for?
  8. Do you enjoy traveling to WARM and DRY places?
  9. You see a patch of nettles, you...?
  10. A seagull drops a feather, your reaction is...?
  11. Question Thirteen: Are you bored yet??? BTW, this Question has NO effect on your score.
  12. Last one: Do you live your life to teh fullest?

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