Would you like my game?

Soooooooo it's quarantine and I'm super bored... so I made a bored game! Lol it's a board game, but I spelled it wrong to be funny. Do you think you'd like it?

I think it's a pretty fun game, but I've only ever game-tested it with my parents and my brother (and he hates everything that I do so no offense but I'll just take his opinion with a grain of salt, thanks) so I'd love feedback.

Created by: QueenGlory

  1. Do you like Wings of Fire?
  2. Do you like the Disney game Villainous?
  3. Do you like board games?
  4. Are you following my Wings of Fire Forgotten: The Amethyst Winglet stories on GTQ?
  5. When you get a new game, do you read the instructions thoroughly before playing?
  6. Is the artwork on game cards and boards important to the game?
  7. Do you like playing games with cards?
  8. What about games with little figures that you move around a board?
  9. Do you like collaborative games or competitive games?
  10. Do you have a good poker face? (Can you keep secrets?)
  11. If you get confused in the middle of a game about one of the rules, what would you do?
  12. Lastly, a reminder: If you haven't taken my Amethyst Winglet quizzes, click on my name (QueenGlory) at the top of this quiz to go to my profile and find the Wings of Fire Forgotten series among my quizzes!

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