Would you be my friend?

Do you ever wonder if you would get along with me? probably not, but maybe you would. try this quiz to find out. we might end up enemies, or we might end up being bffs... forever!

Please comment when you take this quiz to tell me what score you got. I would really like to see how many people would get along with me. thanks, Alegna.

Created by: Alegna of my game my rules
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  1. do you like books?
  2. do you like Twilight?
  3. if you saw someone being picked on, what would you do?
  4. do you like animals?
  5. do you like happy music? do your friends call you too happy?
  6. do you like Maximum ride?
  7. Do you think that "nerds" and "geeks" are weird?
  8. are you weird?
  9. are you bored?
  10. are homeschoolers unsocial people who deserve to be smacked upside the head?
  11. do you want to be my friend?

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