Are you a good or awesome friend?

There are many good friends, and many bad friends. A good friend you might think could be a bad friend relesing all your secrets to the public. A good friend would keep your secrets and only tell other friends about it but wouldn't you think that if she\he wanted their other friend to know they would tell them. If a GREAT friend kept your secrets then they keep them and defend you against false accousations.

ARE YOU A GOOD FRIEND? Do you have the guts to stick up for your friend? Until now you wonder if you are a good or awesome friend. You might find out that you stink at being someone's friend or you might find out you're the perfect friend!

Created by: Unknown
  1. Okay when ur friends crush comes down the hall you:
  2. Alright your friends' homework is going wrong and him\her needs to study on your movie night you:
  3. Your friends mom is diganoased with cancer you:
  4. Your friend has scarlet fever and the doctor says that he\her might not make it through the night you:
  5. You find out that your friend lives the next day and that your friend will be alright you:
  6. Your friend has a nasty rumor spread about him\her what do you do?
  7. Your friend breaks her ankle what do you do to help her through the injury?
  8. You and your friend lose a friend you:
  9. Your friends BF or GF asks you out on a date you:
  10. Was this quiz worth your time?

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Quiz topic: Am I a good or awesome friend?