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  • Would you be a superhero or a villain?
    Your Result: Villain 91%

    You would definitely be a villain. You have a strange desire to cause others harm, distort the peace, dilute order where you feel it's overpowering (sometimes erase it completely no matter what the situation; simply for fun, sometimes), and being a predator in a world where you feel everyone else is content being the prey. It's possible that you have a little pinch of good in you, however, but you choose whether to keep it or not.

    65% Rogue
    53% Superhero

    absol heart
  • Rogue,I can be very cruel and mean but also loyal and kind too it honestly just depends on the person and the situation. I really like to just keep to myself anyways. Cool quiz anyways mate

  • I got rogue!
    This quiz was really detailed. I liked it! ^^

  • Superhero 88% I really enjoyed this. All the detail, action, choices, ect.

  • @Dark_Vampire101:
    Thank you very much. :)


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