would shadow or sonic date you

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this is a quiz for valentines day the day of romance and love and meny girls may wonder if sonic or shadow would be her valentine but what if thay knew! well you can find out now with this super duper simple quiz!!!

is the dark but sweet shadow your valentine or is the fast and cool sonic your valentine well you can teke this quiz to find out! well why are you still reading this huh just star the quiz alredy!

Created by: violet679

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  1. okay its valentines day and sonic walks up to your door with a box of caramel and asks if you would be his valentine?
  2. shadow walks up to your door and has roses and a card and asks if you would be hes valentine
  3. its still valentines day and shadow and sonic are having a race your sitting on a bench and thay both have a tie there both fighting and thay look pretty tired and you have to bottles of water you walk up to them with the water (and you say)
  4. okay you and sonic and shadow are watching a movie at your house and thay both! wrap there arms around you (what do you do?)
  5. its 4:27pm its still valentines day and you shaow and sonic are making candy and you see shadow eating the chocolate and sonic sneaking more a whole bag of suger in the milk chocolate what do you do
  6. both sonic and shadow got a suger rush and got tired and wnt to sleep on the couch you stare at both of them and you think of the song (note:if you dont know about this songs google them up)
  7. sonic and shadow are awake and its twilight your at the beach sitting on a blanket with sonic and shadow sonic's asleep and shadow stairs in your eyes and kisses you!
  8. its been 12 mins after the kiss and sonic wakes up and and you talk for some time and out of the sonic fast blue sonic just kisses you out of noware
  9. the day is over and and thay both went home its 9:47pm and you go to bet and you think about?
  10. okay done this will not effect your answer but did you like this quiz?

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