Would Justin Bieber ever want you as his girlfriend?

Justin Bieber is one of the most hottest guys around right now and with all us girls trying to make his heart go knock,knock!,we all need to know what this hottie is looking for! Take this quiz to see if Justin Bieber would ever want to be your boyfriend! I guarantee you'll like it!

Are you a belieber? Do you wanna be this superstar's dream girl? I'm pretty sure you do,but take this quiz to see if you have a chance at winning Jb's heart!

Created by: Amazon
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you funny?
  2. You see Justin Bieber walking down a street. You:
  3. What do you like to mostly do?
  4. It's your friend's birthday. What will you get her?
  5. Are you vain?
  6. Justin is performing "Favorite Girl" and then he decides to pick a girl from the audience and he points to you.you react by:
  7. You were walking in the park and you see a little boy hit something and flip off his bike. You:
  8. When you get mad,do you take it out on other people?
  9. Describe your style.
  10. You are doing your act for a talent show and you mess up right in front of the judges and the audience. Do you:
  11. Justin compliments you about your eyes. You reply by saying:
  12. Are you the jealous type?
  13. Would you be able to look him straight in the eyes when talking?
  14. Would you tell the media about the romantic things you do if you were in a relationship with JB?

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