would i vacation with you.

ok i made this quiz just for fun so please don't take it seriusly (sorry i'm sure it's spelled really bad) okay take this quiz if you think you can handle a vacation with me

uh... so yeah see how much i would like to take a trip with you. you can be honest you can be dishonest on this quiz i don't really care as long as you have fun. if you hate it please be nice about that ok...

Created by: mystori619

  1. are you super organized, like if 1 thing went wrong it would ruin the whole trip.
  2. do you mind it when a roomate is on their pc till 2 a.m
  3. do you love love loove to party and get drunk and whatnot.
  4. do you loooove, gokarts XD.
  5. would you dance on table tops/care if i danced on table tops. XD
  6. do you love junk food/takeout/doritos/etc.
  7. do you keep clean and not stink...(sorry if that's a rude question)
  8. do you love the rain
  9. if it's rainy out would you stay in and play video games/watch doctor who with me
  10. do you love doctor who.
  11. do you like to travel
  12. would you ever backpack across a country.
  13. did you love or hate this quiz (no effect)

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