Would I date you?(only for guys)

Wanna know if you're boyfriend material for me??? Want to take this quiz to see if any other girl would date you? Come right ahead, take the quiz. Just about 14 questions of fun.

ARE YOU interested in knowing if you can date ME? Well here's your lucky day because there q quiz all about it. Just answer the question to see if you are boyfriend material in my EYES.

Created by: Kiarrah of kiarrah123.com
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  1. What color is your hair?
  2. What color are your eyes?
  3. whats your height?
  4. How funny are you?
  5. Which one are you more like?
  6. What do your teachers think of you?
  7. Do you take selfies?
  8. Do you love yourself?
  9. Do you like hugs?
  10. Do you like kissing?
  11. Do you enjoy dates?
  12. Let's see your results

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