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  • Hmmm 100% purrfect 4 u, eh princessa? ;)

  • Your Result: Purrrfect 4 me! 99%

    Wow, you sure you aren't a friggin robot or somethin? I mean.... Not many people are lucky enough to get my attention and if you got this result you musta done something right. ( lol, I love how I sound so stupid rn)

    0% Not For me

    Heh. I'm just like you, also I LOVE minecraft, it's my fave video game. Also I'm with ya on the hating girly girls, () they're just so.... I dunno. Also if I'd ever have a boyfriend (which I have had one ONCE) then I would hang around them a lot. I get super attached to the people I love.

    Nice quiz.

    • XD finally! Someone else who likes Minecraft! Lol. Yeah, girly girls ( or barbies, as I like to call them) are so fake to me. I mean, I'm not opposed to befriending one, but I'm not going to deal with their drama. I don't give a f--- if they break a nail. ( for real, one time, in gym class, this girl tripped me, but fell in the process. I broke my nose, she broke a nail. While she's crying bloody murder, I'm just sitting there, with a puddle of blood dripping into my palms, waiting for the teacher to help me out. Funny thing is, I didn't even cry)

      I agree with the getting attached thing. I do that A LOT. Like, I've never been that way with a bf, but I was like that with my grandfather. He died of a heart attack, and I for real quit eating for a month ( except when I was forced to eat) and I'd just burst into tears during school when it was grandparents day. ( this was in fourth grade btw) so, yeah lol

  • Got perfect for you! Nice quiz Lexi lol

    • Lol, congrats *bows before face planting* oh, and thnx :)