Would I date you? (GUYS ONLY)

Hi! Im 13, black wavy hair, 5'4, dark brown eyes and tan skin. I've been hoping maybe i'll find a good guy to date. This could be fate. Maybe your the one guy who comes across this and we end up being a perfect match ;) Well let's find out!

After your done i'd love to talk! Maybe comment? I'll be sure I reply :3 Are you the guy for me? Maybe, maybe not... Maybe we'll just end up as friends or maybe more.

Created by: ThatWeirdChic
  1. How old are you?
  2. Where would you take me/What would we do on our first date?
  3. On which date would we kiss?
  4. I love romantic books, but action movies. I love sports (played them for 6 years) and i also write poetry. I can be random at times and a litte silly. Still like me?
  5. If I said I didn't want to rush into things would you respect that?
  6. Hypothetically, If we had just an online relationship, Would you be ok with that?
  7. What are you described as?
  8. Do you like any of these books?
  9. If you'd like to talk with me comment! I'll most likely reply :3
  10. Hope we get to talk!

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